Mission Statement

The Albion Valley Historical Society is dedicated to collect, stuff preserve and encourage community interest in capturing the rich and unique heritage of Albion, Idaho history. The Society’s purpose is threefold:

  • To encourage a community interest in matters of historical significance to the community of Albion (Albion Valley), through the restoration of the first County Courthouse and future home of the Albion Valley Visitor’s Center and Museum.
  • To collect, preserve and exhibit items, documents and artifacts of Albion history for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations.
  • To organize a presentation of exhibits, displays and special events and instill pride in our heritage through educational means by an understanding of the past.

Historical Events

1864 Trappers and prospectors come to Marsh Basin.1868 The valley was used for cattle summer range.1871 Settlers first come to Marsh Basin.1875 Fourteen families living in the area.

1876 Ralph N. Howell and Col. Rice L. Wood settle here.

1877 A petition for county organization was circulated in the winter of 1876.

1878 Marsh Basin and the town site was designated as a main stage stop.

1879 Cassia County formed with Albion as the county seat.

1880 Original town site purchased and lots were plotted.

1883 Albion had 4 saloons, a brewery, a livery stable and three hotels.

1893 Albion State Normal School established.