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  Welcome to the Albion Valley Historical Society web site. Here you will find a collection of written and audio tales concerning the history of this area. In addition, we have collected a number of pictures, maps and other information that we think you will find interesting. This site will always be a work in progress as new stories and pictures are added. Come back and visit often.

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  This organization was founded in 2001 and is governed by a number of volunteers from the Albion area. The membership is open to anyone, and donations are always accepted. The Albion Valley is steeped in history and it is important that we never lose it. We should all play a part in this endeavor. Your contributions and donations will help in our effort to grow, improve and preserve the heritage of the Albion Valley.  Future generations will thank you. More....

History of the Albion Valley.


  The history of this area begins in about 1864 when trappers first came into the valley. The Albion Valley was called the Marsh Creek Valley at that time, and the town site was referred to as Marsh Basin. Prospectors followed,  combing the Albion Mountains for gold and silver. Mr. R. N. Howell and his family came in 1868 locating their home 3 miles from the present town site. During this time, Col. Rice L. Wood, also built a house on Howell Creek southeast of the present town site. More.....

Albion State Normal School
History of ASNS


   When there was talk of creating two Idaho state normal schools for the training of elementary school teachers, Albion went all out to be the site of one of them. The town's proposal beat out those of larger and more logical sites. On March 7, 1893, the Idaho Legislature created Albion State Normal School. A few weeks later Josiah E. Miller deeded 5 acres of land to the State of Idaho for the creation of a campus for the new school. More.....


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